can you tell?

you can tell how bored I’ve been by how much weight I’ve gained.
you can tell how busy I’ve been with how much weight I’ve lost.
you can tell how happy I’ve been by the lack of tweets and blog posts.
you can tell how sad I’ve been by the excessive bitching with tweets.
you can tell a lot by a smile.
but I don’t want wrinkles, so I don’t smile.
you can’t tell how serious I am about anything I say, because my humor is too dry and I feel like this has to rhyme.


Friday I’m in Lust

This week’s crush has been:
Stephanie Seymour

She’s perfect.

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
5 out of 5 hearts!

My rule is, after I look at her, I can’t look at myself in the mirror for at least 30 minutes. Otherwise, I’ll cry. But then I realize I can’t be like her, so I just open a bag of potato chips and go, “to hell with it.”